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Young student with disability begins life changing work

Caelan, a new student at STEPS Pathways College, has big dreams in the automotive industry. Known by all around him for having an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things cars and racing, Caelan wants to one day be an automotive journalist. Having been with the College for six months so far, Caelan is already pursuing his goals through practical elements of his College learning.

Caelan is currently undertaking work experience with another branch of the STEPS organisation, STEPS Car Detailing. Now working two days a week, Caelan is excited to gain experience while getting to work with so many different cars. His ultimate hope is that his favourite car comes in to be detailed– an Audi RS6.

After working for three weeks, Caelan is eager to continue assisting the team.

“I’ll be working at the Car Detailing until I graduate,” Caelan said.

“Once, I graduate I’ll be moving back to Buderim because that’s where all my family is.

“In Buderim, I’ll be looking at probably doing a TAFE course, likely a Cert III in automotive


From there, Caelan would like to “get into mechanics” before later striving for his dream role in automotive journalism.

Previously, Caelan hit another major milestone in the automobile world by getting his learner’s licence. Well on the way to getting his provisional licence, Caelan eagerly described what driving would mean to him in one word – “freedom”.

“I can go to all the places that I want to go,” Caelan added.

“If I want, I can go to the airport and catch a plane to Brisbane, Darwin, wherever I want.” Caelan’s driving knowledge is so strong, that he was even able to help his roommate, Andrew, to undertake and pass his own learner’s test.

“I helped him study, he was happy for the help,” Caelan said.

Caelan’s knowledge and passion is equally appreciated by the STEPS Car Detailing team, with the Car Program Coordinator Chris Rodgers raving about Caelan’s work.

“Caelan has proven to be a great asset,” Mr Rodgers said.

“Working hard in difficult conditions, he has displayed a great work ethic; he has learnt new skills quickly and enjoys his job, providing great results for our customers.

“STEPS Pathways College is doing a fantastic job with Caelan and we are seeing the benefit of his experience.”

Despite Caelan’s love of all things cars, he has also enjoyed the great people he has worked alongside, stating that if we had to choose between the cars or the people as the best part of the work – he’d choose “the people”.

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