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Valentino is asking his five-year-old friends to put on earmuffs to understand deafness

  • 20 October kicks off Loud Shirt Day across Australia.

  • Australia’s major hearing loss charities combine their efforts to make Loud Shirt Day a big deal on the national fundraising calendar for deaf children.

  • It’s all about wearing your wackiest shirt to increase community awareness about hearing loss and raise critically important funds for kids with deafness – people can sign up today to take part and raise money right up until the end of the year.

  • Families who know firsthand how important early help is are getting involved.

  • For example, kids like 5-year-old Valentino in Penrith, who has been receiving hearing, speech and language services from leading provider NextSense, since he was born.

  • His mum, Jocelyn Bartuccio, has organised earmuffs for Valentino’s friends to wear with loud shirts on Friday 20th so they can experience a lack of sound - and understand how Valentino feels without his hearing aids.

  • “NextSense services have really worked for Valentino. He does not need a school specialising in hearing loss because of the efforts of everyone on his team - medical staff, speech therapists, audiologists, teachers of the deaf – the support for our family has been such a gift,” says Jocelyn.

  • “I am concerned there are families out there with a new baby with a hearing loss and are simply not aware first, how easy it is to get services, and second how critical it is to start therapy when their babies are just weeks old.

  • “That’s why we are fundraising for NextSense on 20 October. To help this life-changing organisation reach out to more children.”

  • You can help Valentino and Jocelyn raise funds by signing up to Loud Shirt Day just google NextSense Loud Shirt Day – or donate directly to NextSense at

About Loud Shirt Day

Loud Shirt Day helps all children access life-changing support, including children who don’t have NDIS funding. NextSense and other hearing loss charities campaign to raise vital funds for children with hearing loss on Loud Shirt Day and raise awareness about the importance of acting early when children have hearing loss. NextSense depends on donations to fund support programs and essential equipment like baby playgroups and small group activities, specialised equipment, family and therapist workshops, community outreach so families needing help can find our services as early as possible, and to promote inclusion and understanding.

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