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The Disability sector puts Big Business and Government on notice. Help us deliver the largest Disabi

With the announcement of the NDIS review being prioritised this week, the work seen from the Royal Commission and the need for even more done to connect service providers and participants working towards reforming and fixing the NDIS, Developing Australian Communities and its key partner organisations are delivering the largest events ever seen in Australia.

This focus values the 4.4 Million people living with disability in this country and the work to be done in 2023. The massive job ahead for Australian's in fixing the NDIS requires commitment. This week marks the launch of the 2023 campaign in search of key sponsors and supporters to make Australia's largest Disability and NDIS related events in Australia truly remarkable.

This scale is achievable only through the sponsorship, support and backing of corporate and Government agencies that need to demonstrate the social conscience and commitment to the disability sector we see so much talk about.

Developing Australian Communities was established by 2 peak industry leaders, Mr River Night and Mr Michael Clark, coming together under a common vision, sharing a passion to make change and connect the people, families and service providers that will lead that change.

Cofounder and Director of Developing Australian Communities, Mr River Night, said today that the need for service providers and participants to come together and lead the changes we must see in our sector is more important than ever.

“I am putting out a call to every corporate entity in Australia to get in touch with us and provide your support for our work with the thousands of service providers and half a million participants of the NDIS, by becoming a sponsor to help us deliver a disability sector we can all be proud of.

The suite of events planned for 2023 in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth are a major part of the movement towards a connected and valued community. The biggest in its kind, these events will provide free information and support services for thousands of people that need help navigating the NDIS, create a voice and work with leaders in the Disability sector to make those changes happen.

Developing Australian Communities established Australia’s largest Disability and NDIS related events in Australia over the past 2 years, even during the height of the pandemic. The need to connect and receive supports never stopped. Completely self funded and independent, these events go beyond expos with stalls and pamphlets and have created an amazing space for the community to come together, engage and lead solutions for our sector through think tank events, collaboration and real involvement and consultation with industry.

“The issues in the disability sector that I have seen over almost 3 decades dedicated to my field are not ones that Government and regulation can fix alone. The change must come from the sector, with real accountability to the sector, driven by the sector”, Mr Night said.

“Every Disability Service Provider manages important challenges, such as, the risk of abuse and neglect. We cannot use an honour system that relies on service providers reporting themselves when things go wrong. We must return to independent checks and create a sector and culture that polices each other along with regulation, shares knowledge and wisdom and holds those that do the wrong thing accountable. Building robust systems for this is done from within. It is not something that can be placed upon the sector and that is why I want to work with the thousands of service providers around Australia that I do.

"As great as NDIS is, there are commonly know issues that must be addressed and tackled. So many participants and providers are being innovative and finding solutions to these problems, but systemic change to making those changes consistent for everyone will only come about when the Government, Participants and Providers come together, work together and share ideas on how to improve the system together", Mr Clark said today.

"This is why events like we run are critical to the fabric of our community services society, to demonstrate that despite years of pandemic struggle, we can rally together and work towards finding solutions.

Mr Night said, "we have some great partners supporting our work around Australia. We need more corporate partners and supports to make our work truly amazing to allow for the huge amount of sector reform projects, systemic advocacy, training, conference and think tank events being planned for 2023. Our biggest sponsors are service providers from within the industry, however, they can only provide so much.

“If big industry partners step forward and support us in our work to bring about rapid changes the impact is immeasurable and the life changing outcomes we can facilitate through a stronger sector and agency are priceless. I am putting out the call to see who amongst big business in Australia will show us the real commitment and care required to support us in our work and show all Australians they are valued. Support and work in the Disability sector is not a cost but an investment. Now is the time to get on board and now is the time to make a change.

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