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TfNSW taps A2B to build smartcard payment solution

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has appointed ASX-listed A2B Australia - the company formerly known as Cabcharge - to provide a digital smartcard solution for the NSW Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS).

For NSW Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme.

A2B, which operates the 13cabs and Cabcharge brands, is set to use its payment and data services capabilities to modernise the TTSS, supporting over 40,000 NSW residents who have a qualifying severe and permanent disability and are unable to use public transport.

The new smartcard solution will offer faster and more secure payments for both travellers and drivers, and a more hygienic alternative to cash and paper-based transactions.

Participants in the scheme will also be able to view their own trip data, update their details and manage their account through a customer portal, while TfNSW will have access to higher quality data than is currently available to support planning initiatives across the state.

“A key aspect of A2B’s mission is creating technologies that enhance payments and mobility, including supporting government programs that address transport disadvantage, particularly for people living with a disability,” A2B chief executive Andrew Skelton said in a statement.

“The efficiencies and data insights that A2B’s technologies provide will enable Transport for NSW to continuously improve the TTSS for the benefit of communities throughout NSW.”

A2B recently bolstered its payments and logistics capabilities through the acquisition of Mobile Technologies International (MTI) and is currently working to consolidate its mobility technologies into a single platform.

The MTI deal has already helped the company land global contracts for the use of its platforms, resulting in installations in the US, Canada and Denmark.

The integration of MTI’s solutions has also been trialled locally after being introduced into the 13cabs fleet in Newcastle to streamline the bookings and payments process.

In the company’s annual results released on Tuesday, the company said the upgrades have helped contribute to higher numbers of bookings in the NSW city compared to pre-COVID figures.

“Fixed price trips, instant app payments, upgraded in-car equipment and our proprietary MyDriver technologies are all contributing to Newcastle’s record booking numbers,” A2B said. "Each of these initiatives is being progressively deployed into A2B’s other 13cabs networks and can be offered to MTI clients globally.”

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