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Property And Land Developers Urged Show Some Heart & Make Land Available for Persons With Disability

People with extreme function impairment and complex support needs in New South Wales are being frozen out of the housing market because not enough land is being made available by property and land developers to meet the specific needs of the disabled.

The head of one of Australia’s largest National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) providers, Emma Hocking, says there is an acute shortage of suitable and affordable land to meet the needs of approximately 30,000 Australians who qualify for special housing assistance under the NDIS SDA scheme.

The SDA scheme was rolled out in New South Wales in 2019, funded by the Federal Government $700 million every year out of the NDIS budget to provide purpose-built accommodation for the disabled.

It meets the needs of thousands of Australians with a disability who have been forced to seek full time care in public hospitals, nursing homes, and aged care accommodation in New South Wales.

“There is a real problem in New South Wales in finding enough of the right type and size of land to provide SDA housing,” says Ms Hocking, CEO of SDA Smart Homes, which has been building SDA homes throughout Australia since 2019 when the program started.

“Land developers have favoured the owner occupier market and have shunned the investor market over the last few years and that has impacted the SDA program.”

“Many of the NDIS participants who qualify for our High Physical Support (purpose built) homes require wheelchairs, so the land needs to be relatively flat and the size required is between 400 square metres and 600 square metres. Competition from developers and the frenzy created by state funded housing grants have squeezed out our community.”

“Demand for these properties is at an all-time high and it is time for property and land developers to show some heart and free up more land for SDA Homes. In doing so, they are also freeing up public hospital beds and beds in nursing homes as well as aged care facilities in New South Wales,” says Ms Hocking.

“We have plenty of investors who want to fund these homes and the SDA properties are always well built. The SDA homes look like any other home from the street and are well maintained because of the strict building guidelines from the NDIS,” says Ms Hocking.

“Research suggests that demand for these homes will increase by 62% over the next ten years so we need property and land developers in areas of New South Wales to play their part and free up the land supply for SDA homes,” says Ms Hocking.

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