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NSW community service workers step closer to fairer entitlements

The Australian Services Union NSW & ACT has applauded the Minns government for working to extend portable long service leave to community and disability sector workers.

The government has announced it will immediately start work on the consultation process with an aim to have a bill to Parliament in the first half of next year.

ASU NSW & ACT Secretary Angus McFarland said a portable long service leave system will help attract and retain the staff that the state desperately needs.

“Introducing a portable long service leave system in the community and disability sector is an overdue and necessary step to stop the high turnover of staff and ensure continuity of quality care,” Mr McFarland said.

“Day in, day out, essential workers are giving their all to meet the community’s needs. That includes supporting women and children fleeing domestic violence, people with disabilities, and families who can’t afford their rent or next meal.

“But as demand is rising, so too are workforce shortages - and insecure work is a major driver. Many dedicated workers are bouncing between contracts and different employers without accumulating rightfully deserved entitlements. Members tell us they are exhausted and feel underappreciated.

“Allowing long service leave to build up and follow community service workers throughout their careers, regardless of their tally of workplaces, will give them the recognition and reward they deserve, and help create a more attractive, sustainable sector.

“We thank and commend the NSW government for listening to our calls to work towards introducing portable long service leave in the community service sector. Workers are overjoyed that their dedication and vital contribution to the community is finally being recognised.”

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