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Nextt Boost NDIS Services With Industry-First Tech Platform

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The Nextt Indie platform will help NDIS customer achieve their goals and receive more personalised service

Nextt, one of Australia’s leading providers of NDIS services, has today announced the INDIE platform. INDIE is an innovative system that helps deliver a simplified and seamless service experience.

Built from the ground up to be focused on individual client needs, INDIE captures the client’s goals and creates a summary on how effectively the support services offered by Nextt are in helping the client achieve those goals.

It covers the full client service process, from assessment, intake, agreement, booking, plans, and reviews. The system gathers baseline data to track over time, while providing tools for ongoing quality management and review reporting. By doing so, it provides insight into each individual’s goals, and also provides transparency that allows for a more flexible and collaborative approach to service delivery.

“At Nextt, we all share a common mission to help clients get more out of life,” CEO, Mark Mulder, said.

“With INDIE, we now have simple, clear and consistent service procedures. These provide guide rails for our client service staff, and allows them to focus more on understanding their client’s needs and working together to achieve their individual goals.

“The value of the Nextt INDIE platform is that it provides a greater level of transparency. It will ensure our focus is on each client’s individual needs, working collaboratively with them to achieve their goals, and holding ourselves accountable for measurable results. If we can keep doing this, we can deliver better outcomes for our clients and help them to get more out of life.”

Currently, NDIS plans are reviewed after the first 12 months, and every two years thereafter. However, circumstances can change significantly over the span of two years, and Nextt recommends that clients be more proactive in scheduling their own reviews and changing plans as those circumstances change.

The Nextt INDIE platform was developed to help make this process easier and support clients to monitor and assess their progress and circumstances on an ongoing basis.

There are already over 200 clients on the platform, and it is delivering meaningful outcomes for them.

“The key for me is that clarity and transparency drives accountability,” Mulder said. “INDIE gives us clarity on each client’s individual goals and transparency on whether we are supporting them to achieve those goals. We therefore have greater accountability for delivering measurable improvements in their quality of life. This gives real meaning to our shared mission – get more from life.”

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