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Newly by HealthcareLink partners with SSI to help accelerate the placement and onboarding of quality

New partnership is set to attract new talent to the home care sector and help place workers with approved home care providers in NSW and the ACT, in a bid to overcome the skill shortages affecting aged care.

Newly by HealthcareLink, a growing digital marketplace connecting aged care and disability support providers with high caliber care and support professionals has joined forces with non-profit SSI to help support its delivery of the government-funded Home Care Workforce Support Program (HCWSP). Newly will focus on attracting care and support workers, match them with jobs and place them with home and aged care providers in NSW and the ACT.

Newly’s existing 110,000 registered care workforce, award-winning platform and its candidate management capabilities strategically positions the digital marketplace provider to support SSI to boost the HCWSP's placement rates.

HealthcareLink and SSI will use the Newly digital platform to help home care providers more efficiently find and assess best-suited job candidates.

Kopi Nadarajah, CEO and Founder of Newly and HealthcareLink says the platform not only finds people who want to enter the care sector, it also taps a broader pool of people already employed in the care sector targeting them with suitable job opportunities.

"We hope that with better-matched, higher-quality employment, there will be greater employee satisfaction, higher numbers of retention and more positive outcomes for the elderly needing care," said Nadarajah.

Iggy Pintado, Head of Home Care Workforce Support Program at SSI said: “Our goal through this collaboration is to tap into Newly’s technology platform and its consultants to help accelerate the onboarding and placement of quality candidates within the Home Care Workforce Support Program, and therefore increase placement rates”. He further added, “Gaining access to the Newly platform will enable SSI to promote the program, draw in a greater number of candidates, and leverage its network of more than 100,000 care professionals.”

Newly will also facilitate connections between registered members and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), as well as appropriate training institutions, enabling them to fulfill the necessary requirements for certificates III, IV, or short courses essential for employment in the home care sector.

“This further solidifies Newly's position as a prominent career services provider in the home care sector of Australia,” said Nadarajah. “Members of the Newly community seeking employment who don't have home care experience will be provided with the chance to receive training via the Home Care Workforce Support Program and access employment opportunities within the home care sector.

Newly will have the opportunity to further collaborate with SSI to implement innovative solutions to alleviate identified barriers in attracting and retaining care workers.

About SSI and the HCWSP

Settlement Services International (SSI) delivers a range of human services that connect individuals, families, and children from diverse backgrounds with opportunities - including settlement support, disability programs, community engagement initiatives and training and employment pathways. At the heart of everything we do is a drive for equality, empathy, and celebration of every individual.

SSI is delivering the government-funded Home Care Workforce Support Program (HCWSP) in NSW and the ACT, helping senior enjoy a safe and independent life at home. Through this program, SSI aims to grow, upskill, train and support an aged care workforce that delivers safe, high-quality care that puts seniors first.

The program is free and open to anyone who wants to build a meaningful career supporting seniors.

Visit homecare for more information.

About Newly by HealthcareLink

Newly is Australia’s leading career marketplace, connecting Care & Support Professionals with the best-matched jobs and education opportunities. Newly aims to match and connect Care & Support professional candidates for Aged care, Home care and Disability support Employers across Australia.

Newly has over 100,000+ registered members on the platform, out of this 30,000+ members are from the NSW/ACT. Among this count approximately one-third of these members indicated by their profile information, appear to be potential candidates for this program. Visit for more information.

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