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Leading Disability Advocates Outrage; 4.4 Million Australians are tired of being shock jock target

Leading Disability Advocate Mr River Night today shared his thoughts and what he describes as “utter amazement and outrage at the behaviour of political spokespeople and elected officials in Australia over the last month”.

Leading Disability Advocate Mr River Night today share

Mr Night explained in a candid response this week, “these days it seems to me that many political and community members lacking in common sense, seeking to make a name for themselves or remind people they exist, are falling into the same narrative time and time again,

I want to make a name for myself and make sure people don’t forget about me. I can’t do it by doing something constructive and positive because that takes time and actual work. I will get heaps of social media coverage if I just throw some disgusting comments out there to get a good reaction. Just like protesting at a soldier’s funeral to further traumatise family and outrage others or setting up some “god hates” banners somewhere near a school, where can those that need attention get it? How do I inflict maximum damage, get maximum shock and awe and gaslight Millions in one swoop? Maybe I should put up some signs out the front of the local adolescent psychiatric service to tell them their mental health needs are a drain on society. Just like a primary school bully looking to feel big and strong because they are suffering themselves, who’s an easy target for a scared little child that needs to feel good about themselves? Let’s pick the disabled kid, that’ll be easy!

Mr Night explained, “we saw the NDIS legislation attacked in previous years so that essential service levels and equipment could be stripped, and delegates could bypass any accountability via the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

“It appears our leaders prior to the change of Government thought too many people are challenging our poor decisions, so let's cut out their ability to question. It can't possibly be because we have got things wrong when we suggested the person with the permanent spinal injury should be cured by now and not need the funded support we decided to strip them of without warning or any sort of rationale, in direct contradiction to every evidenced, professional report they gave us.

“What did some politicians use then to try and get those disgusting changes passed we see again this last few weeks? They suggest everyone on NDIS is using the funds for strippers and holidays to the Gold Coast. They seem to think, that will help them distract from their actual goals because most Australians won’t realise how absurd that is. Even when the NDIS was still under budget and rolling out, they cried wolf saying it was costing too much, hoping no one fact checked them.

“There isn’t even a code to claim funds for sex workers in NDIS pricing. We are having trouble getting a new wheelchair approved for kids that is the right size most days, but yeah lets attack NDIS by suggesting the funds are being used for 500 000 participants to get special cuddles from a stranger.

“When faced with the choice of having staff hours to shower you, dress you, and support you with essential daily living tasks, we can assure the Australian public that the weekly trip to the local brothel isn’t even on the horizon for the 4.4 million Australia’s living with disability. It is something many of those stuck on the Disability Support Pension, due to the employment bias, will need to save up for if they do want it.

“Sex is of course a perfectly legal and normal part of an adult’s life but those living in the distance past still probably can’t cope with that idea, let alone sex when you have a disability! Of course, lets continue the narrative that sexuality and identity is off limits to people living with disability, aged care and of course how gross is it that our parents still kiss each other! Ewwww don’t talk about sex or recognise sexuality in any way no matter how aged appropriate and present in the lives of every Australian. Knowing how uncomfortable people are talking about sex, that’s a great way to distract and gas light our most vulnerable populations and sadly we see a few people use it as their fall-back script.

“We the 4.4 million Australia’s living with disability are voters. We also have family that see what we live with and it is a poor move to attack that level of voting public. We are not your playthings and we are not tolerating abuse and neglect. We are not tolerating our elected officials gas lighting and bringing disrepute to the office they hold and privileged position they are paid by us as taxpayers to experience. The essential services 500 000+ Australia’s receive are not yours to leverage and threaten when they are constantly under budget and cost less than submarines and the latest railway project in the city.

“It is time Australia stops hiding behind an idea that calling out leaders that are behaving badly is somehow off limits. We all deserve better from our leaders and if attacking the disabled kid in school is how you get your kicks, make a name, get your feeling of self-worth and importance, what a poor excuse you are for a human being, let alone a politician or community leader.

“I feel great sadness for those people that they seek to target the 4.4 million Australians living with disability to spin their political agenda. Bullies need to be seen as what they are; people behaving badly and usually needing support due to the difficulties they have in their own lives. Maybe they were bullied themselves for having the wrong hair colour, skin colour or voice. Break the cycle of abuse and be the change you want to see.

“There needs to be healthy boundaries as acts that are plain disgusting, we have seen this last month, should not be tolerated from our elected officials. Any other employee would be dismissed on the spot. We are a force to be reckoned with and will not tolerate our elected representatives acting like children. Just like a misbehaving child who chooses to bully the disabled kid, perhaps some of those we have heard from this month need a ‘time out’.

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