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Episode 82: Recognising and Appreciating the Achievements of People with Disability

CripChat Australia is produced and delivered by Australian Disability​, it aims to educate, entertain and inform the general community how they can help us create a more accessible and inclusive society for people with disabilities, their friends, and family.

Hosted by Jonathan Shar, David Daoud, Ibby Dee, and Guests

Content Warning: This podcast may include content unsuitable for children who have not been exposed to people with disabilities-related themes and issues that are sometimes expressed by using coarse language or outdated terms.

Fairness, Dignity and Equality — Send in a voice message:

Speaker 1 (0s): My daughter, a support worker after class on Wednesdays who loves to cook and is into salsa. Dancing. 

Speaker 2 (20s): Mabel is the website that's revolutionizing disability support it lets you find and choose PayPal, offering the support that you want. And because we're online, it's easy and affordable. Find your that I use. 

Speaker 3 (42s): Well, we . 

Speaker 4 (1m 10s): This is Ibby. I will be joining you on our podcast for the ride on CripChat. You know, we gave walkouts on everything. Disability. Welcome everyone. How's everyone doing on this phone died. 

Speaker 3 (1m 28s): Hi, I'm joinder calm. Say shit.   

Speaker 4 (1m 51s): There are people out there. They will disability. They have achieved so much rich, small stones that are conflict. So many things. And we as a community must come together and recognize and celebrate these achievements for all people. Disability. Yeah. Hi Anna. Thank you for joining us on CripChat. 

So Jonathan, some great news. We, I did it on alcohol. I believe. What else? Training of the year. Congratulations. 

Speaker 3 (2m 46s): I heart in there.   we, she with a   

Speaker 4 (3m 29s): Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look people in the community out there as much. And I believe with disability, the , but they're not recognized as much as the bay. So look, even the small things, you know, I help others in their community going through Dagmar. Diana is a, is a, is a huge milestone and it should be celebrated not only with themselves, but with the community, people would need to be recognized for their achievements 

Speaker 3 (4m 18s): 10 and, and then she, 

Speaker 4 (4m 37s): Oh yeah, yeah. He's that side matches that Sam I and he's an awesome tennis player. Such an amazing sportsman. Yeah. He'll beat me.  

Speaker 3 (4m 55s): I mean, 

Speaker 4 (5m 18s): Yeah. I'll probably throw the tennis strike. Of course. The core. Nah, it's good. It's good. It's it's an amazing gentleman there in Ghana, big congrats to him when he's a treatment by insane, then we should start recognizing more and more people with disability and the work that they do. But I've said to you, Jonathan, well, accomplishments and achievements. Have I accomplished? And that your proud 

Speaker 3 (5m 53s):   and   I to say I had a chat to too big. 

Speaker 4 (6m 52s): Well, some awesome and some new exciting projects coming out. Why is Jonathan Awesome? All 

Speaker 3 (7m 9s): Whoa. Was that Uber? 

Speaker 4 (7m 19s): Yeah. Yeah. Just gotta sit back. 

Speaker 3 (7m 22s):  stay to watch. 

Speaker 4 (7m 34s): Awesome. Watch this price something exciting will be happening soon. So yeah, Jonathan, you've set out such a beautiful organization. You've built up from scratch and it say it's growing and he all got, you need to GRA 

Speaker 3 (7m 52s):  as per booing to get this shit  

Speaker 4 (8m 25s): Yeah. And we have to, you know, continue with the trends, begin the community together, you know, sharing our experiences, our thoughts, engaging in the conversations 

Speaker 3 (8m 44s): We do.   tall. 

Speaker 4 (9m 9s): Yes. Yes, definitely. Most definitely. And professional as well. Sounds awesome. Sounds also for me personally. Yeah. Look, proposal development is one of the key things and I would say that I've over the years, I've built on my personal development. So might be applying for a shine off the years. Some years. I ahead Julian. 

How's it going? 

Speaker 3 (9m 56s): No. No. 

Speaker 4 (10m 7s): Awesome. Thank you, John. And then finally I want members of the audience that have my back. I won't buy may well may to be Australian of the year 

Speaker 3 (10m 23s): To there. Oh man. There  to, 

Speaker 4 (11m 2s): Yeah, that's all that. It's also, it's a look. It's also that way, recognizing people with disability and a way of working towards making a more inclusive and accessible society for the audience. If you've got any talents, any accomplishments that you've achieved and you're proud of your outside in the comments, there's that few people out there that I had been advocating and I guess I using their voice to recognize you have people with disability and lockout. 

The great Stella young appraisers sadly passed away sometime ago. But 

Speaker 3 (11m 48s): Yeah,   

Speaker 4 (12m 4s): That's  shit. I never raising individual. Yeah. She's taught us the concept of objects. We're all human beings. I want to be treated like human beings. Non object of inspiration. 

Speaker 3 (12m 23s): I know. I see the . This is, we have a  all the way to . 

Speaker 4 (13m 10s): Yeah, exactly. We will shoot embrace songs as being individuals, not being individuals with disability. I think just being individuals and we're, we're also a part of this community, part of this society that we live in and no one should be left behind because they're seen as being different from other people. 

And that's what it's all about. You know, when you come back to inclusion, we come back to recognizing everybody for the following. 

Speaker 3 (13m 54s): No ma'am we choose that. We mean P and P how our  to push for pretty well. 

Speaker 4 (14m 58s): Exactly, exactly. Were all equal. We're all equal. And although we, we can get up many times during our barcodes. Yeah. We are all equal and we should all be treated equal.  that's a, when we recognize the talents of people with disability, we will serve and not just treat them like the, you know, inspiration. 

Speaker 3 (15m 32s): We're not Jewish in a SIM way.  were green to him. 

I didn't have to. 

Speaker 4 (16m 12s): Exactly. Everyone that's watching the podcast, everyone that's listening and tuning in. You are, as I said, advanced, congratulations to everyone who's achieved any milestones, any, anything that I've achieved in a, since I guess they were born, it's something you should celebrate. 

We all have a dream so much, you know, we'll work towards becoming a better thankful and you know, fitting into the society that we live in. So a big congratulations to everyone watching and tuning in. He's done. Amazing. I came from 

Speaker 3 (17m 8s):   you G oh, you good? No judge.     and 

Speaker 4 (17m 50s): The chart, the trial, or just here, just keep, I guess, being a part of the story and be proud. Be proud of who you are and what you're achieved on that note. Jonathan, any final thoughts? 

Speaker 3 (18m 11s): No,  more. We said we to we here  no,  fine. 

Speaker 4 (19m 5s): Congratulations. Once again, to the outcrop for being named Australian of the year, we should recognize more global disability out there. And actually in the next, in the coming years, we'll get more people with disability for Australian of the year in saying that one should not be treated as being special or being a subject of inspiration just because they've achieved something. 

We all go through you now daily, the lines, you know,  funds, accomplishments working towards becoming Albury cells. That's yeah. I use congratulations in advance. So everyone who's, you know, lifted themselves up and just, yeah, it's trying to fate to the society that we live in today. 

Speaker 3 (20m 7s):    we show 

Speaker 4 (20m 34s): Exactly. Jonathan, thank you for that. Yeah, exactly. It's great job. You know, be a part of the community, our groups on that note. Thank you, everyone. You had been watching. CripChat your weekly blockouts on everything. Disability run boy, Australian Disability limited. We will catch you next week. Bye for now. So you guys enjoy 

Speaker 1 (21m 3s): Workup after class on Wednesdays who loves to cook and is into salsa. Dancing. 

Speaker 2 (21m 12s): Mabel is the website that's revolutionizing disability support. It lets you find and choose PayPal offering the support that you want. And because we're online, it's easy and affordable. Find your that I use. 

Speaker 3 (21m 30s): I, you.   

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