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Episode 80: Respecting and Protecting People with Disabilities

CripChat Australia is produced and delivered by Australian Disability​, it aims to educate, entertain and inform the general community how they can help us create a more accessible and inclusive society for people with disabilities, their friends, and family.

Hosted by Jonathan Shar, David Daoud, Ibby Dee, and Guests

Content Warning: This podcast may include content unsuitable for children who have not been exposed to people with disabilities-related themes and issues that are sometimes expressed by using coarse language or outdated terms.

Fairness, Dignity and Equality — Send in a voice message:

Speaker 1 (0s): My daughter, a support worker after class on Wednesdays who loves to cook and is into salsa. Dancing.

Speaker 2 (20s): Mabel is the website that’s revolutionizing disability support it lets you find and choose PayPal, offering the support that you want. And because we’re online, it’s easy and affordable. Find your that I use.

Speaker 3 (38s): Hello everybody. And welcome to crew chat. Your weekly podcast for everything disability. Hey today I have with me is Johnson, Shaw, Evie, and myself everyday. How are we today for us?

Speaker 4 (55s): Yeah, we’re good. Thank you, David. How are you today?

Speaker 3 (59s): I’m fine. Thank you. What are we going to be talking about today?

Speaker 4 (1m 3s): Oh, today we’re going to be to going to bed. I got people out there using people with disability to their advantage and also people with disability out there. I guess, taking people for granted and taking advantage of this.

Speaker 3 (1m 26s): So w we’re talking about people who take people with disability and their disability for advantage. So there are, There is got disability taking the disability for granted to, for, for vantage.

Speaker 4 (1m 51s): That’s all. We got a call from Beth saying and I, everyone. So Beth, thank you for joining us today. CripChat it’s all right. Yeah. Anybody’s been in a situation where they’ve been taken for granted

Speaker 3 (2m 11s): And no one takes, they will take for granted sometimes where they feel that they’re allowed to. Then it’s, there’s nothing wrong. We’re not done a discriminate.

Speaker 4 (2m 25s): Yeah. Yeah. so David, have you ever been in that situation, I guess where you’ve been taken advantage of?

Speaker 3 (2m 37s): You know what, at the end I might be blind, but some people can push in front of you and you won’t be able to see them.

Speaker 4 (2m 54s): Yeah. In that situation, how would you respond that situation?

Speaker 3 (3m 0s): Well, sometimes you can’t tell. So a lot of times I probably wouldn’t be able to talk.

Speaker 4 (3m 9s): Oh yeah. That’s good. That’s where the arrow

Speaker 5 (3m 16s): Jonathan

Speaker 4 (3m 59s): Oh yeah. We do have a comment from Beth. She feels she’s been granted or life. She finds a very depressing, but now she chooses to take a job. Sometimes she feels sadness. Thank you for sharing. I Beth. Thank you. Awesome. It’s awesome to see you take control, however yeah. Where

Speaker 3 (4m 27s): Just stand up for ourselves because some people think they can take advantage of you. Anyone say nothing, but when you make it say they back off,

Speaker 4 (4m 39s): That’s what it is. Diverse. It’s all about you not having that voice, being your own voice, standing up for what you believe in. Yeah, there, there are many like situations where people would take care of people with disability, for granted and that use of, for their advantage.

Speaker 3 (5m 2s): But sometimes people like to use L disabled codes.

Speaker 4 (5m 8s): Why a free

Speaker 3 (5m 10s): Staff to get, to get, to get, to get good parking and longer parking.

Speaker 4 (5m 17s): Oh yeah. That’s sometimes people,

Speaker 3 (5m 19s): Some people park in disabled parking that that has disabled because, and as I happened to so many times they fell someone that doesn’t have a disabled parking sticker in the disabled blind. Fuck.

Speaker 4 (5m 33s): Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s happened many times. So many times saying that David. Yeah, it’s been it’s hard many times. And how does that make you feel, David?

Speaker 3 (5m 47s): All right. In my age, it really, really aggravates me because sometimes we can’t get parking spots, but because someone else has taken it and some people are, I think some people fake the disabilities so I can get eight several cards.

Speaker 4 (6m 10s): Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. What are your thoughts on that? How does that make you feel?

Speaker 3 (6m 26s): Making you feel angry.

Speaker 4 (7m 35s): Yeah, that’s true. And I go there and also

Speaker 3 (7m 40s): Can you repeat what he said?

Speaker 4 (7m 43s): It just, you know, before that I, you know, take advantage of others, I guess it makes you feel kind of undervalued kind of mentioned feeling like you’re not worth being a human,

Speaker 3 (8m 6s): You know, you’re not, you’re not, you’re not very varied in their eyes.

Speaker 4 (8m 13s): That’s right. Your not wanting them.

Speaker 3 (8m 17s): Yeah.

Speaker 4 (8m 18s): It’s just like the liberal respect is not there. People need to be respected.

Speaker 3 (8m 27s): Exactly. And certainly like they say in the Bible first will be last and last will be first.

Speaker 4 (8m 35s): Yeah. Yeah. And as well as other signs as well, everybody needs to be valued. We’re all human beings. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (8m 47s): Well respected. Whether we have a disability or no disability, we’re not better than others and not better than us.

Speaker 4 (8m 57s): Sometimes our people disability take advantage of the situation

Speaker 3 (9m 5s): They do Happen. Shouldn’t happen.

Speaker 4 (9m 13s): Yeah. Thank you for those great Beth. So Beth and grace, are they? Yeah. People, you know, they considered the discipline privilege and then take advantage of this situation.

Speaker 3 (9m 30s): Yeah.

Speaker 4 (9m 32s): But you got to be careful. You gotta be careful with that.

Speaker 3 (9m 35s): ’cause sometimes, sometimes people wore like they’ve got disability, but, and someone listen to me and they say, thank you. Is there any say, thank you. Yeah. At least say thank you.

Speaker 4 (9m 52s): Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Yeah. Judson

Speaker 3 (9m 56s): And the knowledge someone’s respect, respect. And then allow me to go first. I’ll go before you. It’s not your privilege to, to go first. It’s alright. They’ve let you in. Thanks to anyone. Can you tell us what you think has made you feel uncomfortable in ways others have treated you or, or attempted to do with the disability and taking advantage?


Speaker 5 (10m 35s): John

Speaker 4 (11m 3s): So we go, we got a comment from a jewelry. She said, I have one. How are you all? I’ve been taken advantage four months of my life and for granted and it’s distressing at times. But as I got older, I’m able to stand up for myself and be more assertive and educate others, using my voice and experience valued, respected. We’re on, you got on your journey.

You gotta keep fighting for what you believe in. And that’s amazing stuff you’re doing there. Julie, thank you very much for sharing. It’s been awesome. What are your thoughts on that? You know, just standing up for yourself,

Speaker 3 (11m 54s): Say standing up for yourself is it’s courage at first people, disability shy, but if you don’t stand up for yourself, you’re only going to be shot early. A lot. Courage is comes through to experience. And once you get older or get through the experiences, you start to stand up for yourself through building your courage.

Speaker 4 (12m 33s): Now

Speaker 3 (12m 33s): That’s all going to build up courage and stand up for ourselves and also not take advantage of our disabilities Because just like, just like others, others don’t like it. Do you weigh that? Like then take advantage of us. So it goes both ways We want to play on that.

But if they offer it, then let them pay.

Speaker 4 (13m 11s): Yeah. And it’s always there. Good David, thank you though. It’s also good to talk to other papers though. I bet what mentored. She said. That’s why I just died things about my life and avoid people. Cause I’m scared that people walk and take advantage. That’s why dad spent time with big bull, but I’m very happy to be in this group and make new friends. And that’s awesome.

It’s also nice slide drive for up more. And we’re here to support you in every way, that we can.

Speaker 3 (13m 51s): where he is. We’re here to support you.

Speaker 4 (13m 55s): Yeah. Thank you very much for sharing. Grab Beth. And those are just Julia and the others. Keep them coming. They’re saying your thoughts. So I, in saying that David, you have any final thoughts on this issue.

Speaker 3 (14m 14s): One more final thoughts. We all have to treat each other. Like you want to be treated and not, not take advantage of others or take advantage of your disability. But if others offer or allow you to do things, they then accepted, but then sit and make people feel sorry for you.

And then, then they can gonna, then you ever do it all time. Make them feel sorry for you. They gonna, they’re gonna resist at the end.

Speaker 4 (14m 59s): Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Good stuff, David. Thank you for sharing. What are your thoughts on that? Anything you want to say?

Speaker 5 (15m 14s): to to treat.

I know to breathe. Hey

Speaker 4 (16m 2s): Exactly. It’s good stuff. Thank you for sharing Jada. I guess I it’s all about respect. You need the union. You need to respect it as a disability. You need to be respected and not taken advantage of

Speaker 3 (16m 21s): To respect yourself before any others can.

Speaker 4 (16m 26s): Exactly. Exactly. And that’s awesome. I think the most valuable thing is respect and restricting others the way you want them to respect you, but insane. Thank you everyone. For joining in, you had been watching CripChat your weekly podcasts on everything disability. So Porter that Rambo Australian Disability.

If you’d like to donate to the subject grade organization, feel free to use that. But on that note, we will see you next week. Enjoy your week. I gave everyone

Speaker 1 (17m 12s): A support worker after class on Wednesdays who loves to cook and is into salsa. Dancing.

Speaker 2 (17m 21s): Mabel is the website that’s revolutionizing disability support. It lets you find and choose PayPal offering the support that you want. And because we’re online, it’s easy and affordable. Find your that I use.

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