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Disability Royal Commission recommends portable entitlements, better pay for workers in the NDIS

The Australian Services Union says it stands with the disability community as the Disability Royal Commission hands down its final report.

ASU NSW & ACT represents thousands of disability support workers. Its secretary, Angus McFarland said today is a historic day. “The Disability Royal Commission has unveiled troubling systemic failures and human rights violations that people with disability have endured for far too long. The ASU admires the courage and resilience of the disability community, and stands with them always, including on this significant day,” ASU NSW & ACT Secretary Angus McFarland said. The Disability Royal Commission has recommended better conditions and pay for workers in the NDIS so that people with disability have access to quality and stable services. The Royal Commission has supported workforce solutions including portable training and leave entitlements for disability support workers, and reviewing Award pay rates to ensure equal remuneration of workers in the sector. “The workforce wants the best outcomes for people with disability and hopes this will be achieved following the Royal Commission. We agree with the Royal Commission’s remarks that more needs to be done to ensure a stable, appropriately trained and well-supported disability support workforce. Ensuring our essential disability support workforce has adequate training, pay and recognition are important steps to improve disability services. “We have been advocating for several of the Royal Commission’s recommendations, including portable training and leave entitlements, and closing loopholes in the Award to ensure workers are paid correctly. These recommendations are essential to attract and retain the skilled, committed workforce we need to deliver high quality support and meet growing demand. “The ASU continues to stand alongside people with disability in their struggle for a better system that respects and values everyone, and upholds safety, fairness, dignity and human rights.”

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