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CripInterview: Matthew Levy from AimBig Employment on Disability, Employment and Mental Health

CripChat is a weekly podcast produced and delivered by Australian Disability Limited, it aims to educate, entertain and inform the general community how they can help us create a more accessible and inclusive society for people with disabilities, their friends and family.

Who is involved Jonathan Shar and Matthew Levy

Content Warning: This podcast may include content unsuitable for children who have not been exposed to people with disabilities related themes and issues that are sometimes expressed by using coarse language or politically incorrect terminology, these instances will occur rarely and only to demonstrate a point about how discrimination affects people with disabilities.


Give us in your own words a bit of your background as a person, a Paralympian and your relationship with employment

Post-Paralympics, if you feel comfortable to talk about being a part of the Paralympic family helped you cope with the mental health pressures of stepping out from the media limelight of winning gold.

You have taken up many advisory roles in your post-Paralympic life, how has still being involved in that community enhanced your well being? 

Why employment, what makes this area so special to you and talk to us about how employment also fosters a sense of belonging in your life?

Apart from the Webinars, what are some take-home messages you what to leave people with? Not just about employment but more broadly about how society should include people with disabilities and how can employers benefit from employing people with disabilities?

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