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Common Spinal Health Condition Costing Australia $35.7 Billion Annually Effective Drug-Free Solution

Spinal Health Week (22 - 28 May 2023) is the annual national campaign aimed at improving the spinal health of Australians of all ages.

Conducted by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), the 2023 campaign will focus on the causes of headaches and the negative effects headaches are having on families, workers and the Australian economy.

With more than 7 million Australians suffering from debilitating tension headaches, and more than 4.9 million suffering chronic migraine, the economic impact to Australia exceeds $35.7 billion annually.

However, the real cost to headache sufferers is immeasurable with the burden of headaches impacting their quality of life - robbing sufferers of essential relaxation, social activities, precious time with children, family and friends, and limiting productivity at home, work and school.

Migraine and tension headaches are the most common headache disorders, but there are many types of headaches, and many triggers that can cause them with some of the most common causes being stress (at home, work and school) and spinal health conditions.

Headaches relating to spinal health conditions can be cervicogenic (neck related) while tension headaches and migraines can be triggered by neck and spinal problems.

Consulting a chiro and determining if headaches are related to spinal health problems is an important step in effective management of most headaches with the best outcomes being a holistic approach encompassing stress management, good posture, regular exercise, rest and a healthy diet.

During national Spinal Health Week 2023, the ACA will tackle spine related headaches head on by increasing awareness of the painful condition and improving spinal health through effective drug-free solutions that limit the impact headaches have on the quality of life of over 46% of Australians.

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