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Cerebral Palsy Alliance launches new podcast with leading thinkers on the future of disability

Wednesday 15 September, 2021

It’s time to change the conversation around disability, access and inclusion. That’s why Cerebral Palsy Alliance is delighted to launch Cerebral Conversations, a new podcast series bringing together great minds to think differently about disability.

Over twelve episodes, season one of the CPA podcast series will explore critical issues that impact the 20% (or 5 million) of Australians with a disability: everything from ableism, visibility and innovation in disability tech to inclusion, activism and the power of sharing your story.

With the Tokyo Paralympics, the #WeThe15 campaign and a groundswell of discussions about disability representation and access, 2021 is shaping up to be a seminal year to finally address the discrimination of disabled people in our society.

“For 75 years, Cerebral Palsy Alliance has been at the forefront of supporting people with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities to live their best and most fulfilling lives. There is real momentum behind the disability movement in Australia and now is the time to push forward and have the conversations we need to have,” said Cerebral Palsy Alliance CEO Rob White.

Cerebral Conversations is our contribution to this incredibly important dialogue. We’re proud to give a voice to those living with cerebral palsy, and we hope we can play a part in breaking through the barriers that people with disabilities face every day.

”Cerebral Conversations kicks off on Wednesday, 15 September with a launch mini-series recounting the remarkable and miraculous story of Eve Darcy through the lens of her father Joe, and early intervention expert Professor Nadia Badawi AM.

High-profile guest hosts, including author and disability advocate Tara Moss, businesswoman and entrepreneur Naomi Simson, Walkley Award-winning journalist Tracey Spicer and Indigenous science journalist Rae Johnston, lead a thought-provoking discussion with the thinkers and doers making a real impact for people living with disabilities, including neuroplasticity expert ProfessorIona Novak, and founder of disability tech start-up Remarkable Pete Horsley.

Best-selling author Tara Moss, a prominent advocate for disability inclusion, said she was proud to lend her voice to the conversation. “We need to amplify disabled voices and listen to disabled people, celebrate and respect their achievements, ideas and contributions.

The series will also explore empowering stories of people with lived experience of disability, with six episodes to focus on young people with cerebral palsy discussing therapy, inclusion at school, misconceptions about disability and much more.“Cerebral Conversations is a fierce and fun podcast that allows disability to be unapologetically front and centre.

That's a rarity. Knowing that Cerebral Palsy Alliance was willing to give my story and its edges all the space it needed was a wonderful experience. And getting the opportunity to chat and connect with Tara Moss is something I'll never forget,” said disability advocate and Young Australian of the Year nominee Hannah Diviney, who chats with Tara Moss in a future episode. The podcast has been produced in conjunction with Ben McAlary, co-founder of the Slow Home Podcast, and Andy McLean, while the podcast soundtrack has been provided by Triple J Hottest 100-winning band Ocean Alley.

Be part of CPA’s Cerebral Conversations and find out what can happen when great minds think differently about redefining the impossible – head to for more information and to subscribe

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