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Celebrating Excellence: Introducing the New Disability Sector Awards in NSW, QLD & VIC

Three new Disability Sector Awards with a prize of $2000 each were today unveiled as part of the National Disability Leadership Organisation’s (NDLO) push to recognise the work of advocates in the disability sector.

The awards, for outstanding achievement in the fields of Child Advocacy, Adult Advocacy and Emerging Leader - Sector Advocacy were a step in the right direction as advocacy work is often unpaid and unrelenting, NDLO spokesperson Mr River Night said today.

“Disability advocates often live with a disability themselves and work tirelessly to champion the rights and needs of people living with disability,” Mr Night said.

Whether through lobbying, education forums, a media presence or fundraising, these individuals work to break down the barriers to inclusion.

“I am thrilled to announce the creation of these three new categories to celebrate the work of the remarkable individuals who go above and beyond in their dedication to effecting positive change.”

Mr Night said advocates work to bring about equal access to employment, education, the arts, public and health services, and to actively combat discrimination.

He said with the work around the Royal Commission into abuse in the sector and the NDIS review, the role of advocates in the community was even more significant.

“Their efforts deserve our recognition and the community’s deepest gratitude - these awards are the first of their kind and are designed to recognise the vital work of advocates in our community. Each comes with a $2000 contribution to help support their work.”

Mr Night said three new awards would be presented alongside a slate of 7 existing sector awards at the 2024 Disability Sector Awards presented in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The full list of awards is

Advocacy (New)

· For outstanding contribution in the field of Advocacy for Adults

· For outstanding contribution in the field of Child Advocacy

· 2024 Emerging Leader – Sector Advocacy

Existing Award Categories

· Contemporary Practice

· Sector Innovation

· Leadership

· Above and Beyond

· Frontline Manager

· Team Award

· Support Worker of the Year

Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) welcome the awards. CEO, Ms Michelle Moss said the announcement marks a significant milestone in recognising the efforts of advocates within the disability sector, particularly those often overlooked.

“Advocacy plays an important role in shaping and influencing change for individuals and the communities we live in.”

“The new Disability Sector Awards are a step in the right direction, acknowledging the invaluable contributions made by advocates, who often do this work as volunteers with unwavering dedication."

"The Awards and financial support reflect the value of advocates in the disability sector, and the important work they do." [IG1]

Nominations for the 2024 Disability Sector Awards in all states are open and we invite individuals, organisations, participants, friends and families to nominate these special individuals for all categories.

Detailed information about each award category and nominations can be made via Tickets for the Queensland and New South Wales awards are now on sale via the website.

Awards will be presented at state-based galas on

· Qld March 1, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

· NSW, May 24, Doltone House, Darling Island

· Victoria, October 18, Venue to be released.

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