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Buy Local Policy updated to prioritise jobs for people with disability in regional WA

Thursday, 7 April 2022

  • WA Buy Local Policy 2022 ensures State Government contracts create more work for regional Western Australians

  • Local businesses employing people with disability given priority to carry out work in Regional WA

  • McGowan Government spends $30 billion per year on goods, services and works

The McGowan Government has launched the updated WA Buy Local Policy 2022 with a focus on creating more job opportunities for people with disability in regional Western Australia. First introduced in 2002, the WA Buy Local Policy is designed to ensure regional businesses benefit from the State Government's annual $30 billion spend on goods, services and works. Government service contracts represent a significant part of the WA economy, stimulating local businesses and creating employment through the delivery of procurement services. The policy was last updated in 2020 to create thousands of regional jobs and support COVID-19 recovery. Launching the revised WA Buy Local Policy 2022, the WA Government has given increased prominence to local businesses employing people with disability, including Australian Disability Enterprises, emphasising agencies should prioritise these groups in regions throughout the State. The policy has been revised to align with the State Government's Procurement Act 2020 and Western Australian Procurement Rules. Adjustments have been made to the regional price preferences and value for money approach to enhance the ability of agencies to take these factors into account in terms of contract outcomes. Local businesses in the region where the work is being carried out will be invited to bid for contracts in their local area. In 2020, the regional price preferences were revised to ensure businesses are given a stronger weighting in the applications process than those from other parts of the State. The WA Buy Local Policy 2022 complements the WA Government's successful implementation of the WA Jobs Act 2017 and the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) in creating local jobs and boosting the economy. Since the introduction of WAIPS in March 2018, almost 14,000 regional jobs and 1,190 regional apprenticeships and traineeships have been supported. The WA Government will continue to appraise the effectiveness of the policy through consultation with both public and private sector stakeholders. For more information, visit WA Industry Link. Comments attributed to State Development, Jobs and Trade Minister Roger Cook: "The WA Buy Local Policy 2022 plays an important role in the economy throughout regional WA. "Local businesses benefit greatly from the $30 billion spent every year on WA Government goods, services and works, creating thousands of jobs and opportunities. "The revised policy places greater emphasis on agencies to prioritise opportunities for people with disability in regions throughout our State, as WA continues our post COVID-19 recovery." Comments attributed to Disability Services Minister Don Punch: "Employment not only improves wellbeing for people with disability as a result of increased income, it also generates valuable and empowering opportunities to participate economically and socially. "Research has also shown employees with disability are productive, have better attendance and stay in jobs longer than other workers. "The revised WA Buy Local Policy 2022 will play an important role in achieving equality of opportunity in employment in regional WA."

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