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Board of Appeal of Classification sanctions athlete Vinod Kumar for two years for Intentional Misrep

The Board of Appeal of Classification (BAC) has sanctioned India’s Para athletics athlete Vinod Kumar to a period of two years’ ineligibility for the disciplinary offence of Intentional Misrepresentation.

World Para Athletics commenced disciplinary proceedings with the BAC after Kumar intentionally misrepresented his abilities when he presented for classification at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

The athlete was observed performing several movements and functions in competition which were not consistent with his performance during the physical and technical aspects of classification.

Under the World Para Athletics Classification Rules and Regulations, it is a disciplinary offence for an athlete to intentionally misrepresent their skills or abilities and/or the degree or nature of their impairment. It is also a disciplinary offence for any athlete support person to assist, conceal or be complicit in any Intentional Misrepresentation by an athlete.

As a result of the disciplinary offence, the athlete will be ineligible to compete in Para athletics competition until August 2023. The results which the athlete obtained in competition at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games have been disqualified.

Christian Holtz, Managing Director of World Para Sports, said:

“Intentional Misrepresentation is a very serious offence and athletes are required to give their best effort when presenting to a classification panel. The classification system is crucial to ensure fair competition and this case shows how committed World Para Athletics is to protect the integrity of the sport.”

Each athlete is responsible for being knowledgeable of and complying with all the terms of the World Para Athletics Classification Rules and Regulations and for participating in athlete evaluation in good faith.

The BAC is an independent body that considers, and when appropriate, conducts hearings regarding classification appeals in Para athletics, among other sports. It also has jurisdiction over the resolution of disputes that involve allegations of Intentional Misrepresentation in some sports, including Para athletics.

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