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Australian Greens Say “Billions to be Removed from NDIS” is a broken promise.

Senator Jordon Steele-John responds to Labor’s announcement that the Federal Government would implement an annual growth target of 8 percent for the total cost of the scheme by 2026.

Quotes attributable to Senator Jordon Steele-John, Disabled Person and Australian Greens spokesperson for Disability Rights and Services.

Let’s be really clear, The Greens want to see an increase in funding for the NDIS. Right now, too many disabled people are not able to get the support they need to live a good life.
“Labor’s announcement to have a target for spending growth is sounding a lot like a cap on the NDIS. The notion of a cap is a broken promise from the Albanese government and is causing tremendous concern in the disability community.
“If the federal government caps funding to the scheme at 8% growth, this announcement will see over $50 Billion less allocated to the NDIS over the decade. De-funding the NDIS by this amount is completely unacceptable.
“My question to Minister Shorten is who is no longer going to get the support they need because the Labor government is choosing to prioritise tax cuts for Billionaires and spending billions of dollars on submarines as part of the AUKUS pact?
“The Greens will be watching the budget, and any proposed changes to the rules on who can and can’t get on the NDIS, very closely. The NDIS must be available to all who need it.
“The NDIS provides disabled people with the opportunity to participate in the community, go to work, do the basics like have a shower. There are social and economic benefits to the NDIS. Money invested in the NDIS has a positive return for the economy and for our community - let’s not forget that.”
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