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AEC to appear before parliamentary election inquiry

Federal parliament’s Electoral Matters committee will begin hearings for its inquiry into the 2022 federal election by speaking with the Australian Electoral Commission tomorrow (28 September).

Committee Chair, Ms Kate Thwaites MP, said the Committee looks forward to gaining insights on the running of the 2022 federal election from the Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers and his team.

‘The AEC delivered the 2022 election for more than 17 million voters,’ Ms Thwaites said. ‘This is a huge logistical exercise, that was made more complex by the pandemic. The committee will hear from the AEC about what worked well, as well as areas that might need reform for future elections.

‘The committee will also look to hear from the AEC about areas it's examining as part of this inquiry, including funding of elections, truth in political advertising laws, and Indigenous enrolment and participation in elections.

‘The committee’s inquiry into the 2022 Election is an important part of keeping our democracy strong and helps ensure the conduct of our elections is accountable and transparent.’

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