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Adelaide Fringe Launches Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

After significant consultation, research and planning Adelaide Fringe are pleased to announce the launch and implementation of the organisation’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

A Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) is an active plan to improve access and participation for people with disability. DAIPs identify barriers and measurable actions to achieve accessible and inclusive communities, services and programs for people with disability.

The Adelaide Fringe DAIP has been developed by its access committee in consultation with South Australian disability community agency Purple Orange whose work includes assisting organisations to strengthen arrangements for accessibility and inclusion.

Considerations for the DAIP include workplace culture, communication, physical environment and the community.The roll out of the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan includes disability awareness training for staff and all 2023 Fringe Volunteers, ongoing consultation with an external party to lead and facilitate the plan, community engagement in the accessibility space and consideration of the physical environment and protocols and procedures around access in an emergency.

The purpose of Adelaide Fringe’s DAIP is to make a conscious organisational effort and remain accountable across disability in the workplace, organisational messaging and the rollout of Australia’s biggest arts festival.

Director and CEO of Adelaide Fringe said, “Adelaide Fringe is the biggest arts festival in the country and as such we have an opportunity to set an example when it comes to implementing positive change on an organisational level for people living with disability.

The launch of our DAIP is a proud moment for Adelaide Fringe and something that will continue to be front and centre within our organisation for the future”. You can read through the entire Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

You can also access the Adelaide Fringe Access Guide for 2023 HERE.Please feel free to contact us via

About Adelaide Fringe:

Adelaide Fringe is Australia’s biggest arts festival. The 31-day event stretches all over the state, with eclectic and vibrant events that include cabaret, theatre, comedy, circus, music, visual arts, workshops and so much more.

Adelaide Fringe was born in 1960 and has grown year on year with a phenomenal 727,567

tickets sold in 2022 and the average Fringe-goer attending 4.6 shows.

Adelaide Fringe is a not-for-profit, open access festival. This means that anyone can register an event in Adelaide Fringe, artists choose Fringe, not the other way around - from a multicast circus, to a one-person show.

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