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Australian Disability exists to create a more equitable Australian society for people with disabilities through the production of online media and platforms to increase the visibility of issues facing the disability community.

Founded in 2012 on the principle that discrimination and stigma but also the culture towards disability have to change and be reshaped and owned by people living with the daily effects, positive and negative, of disability.

Only through an authentic conversation about disability affair, is it possible to create a dialogue to enable the creation of change against the backdrop of discrimination and intolerance given an avenue to a better, accessible, and more inclusive society


Aims and Purpose:

  • To support the development of new technologies that improve the quality of life and the independence of persons living with a disability

  • To provide persons with a disability with a forum through which they can express their views on government policies and other matters of relevance to their disability

  • To support and enable fair and unbiased media representation of disability-related issues, through the development of news and original content

  • To provide community-wide education on disability-related issues so as to reduce the instances of discrimination suffered by persons with a disability

  • To establish an online community that encourages greater interaction between disabled and able-bodied people

  • To promote the concept of ‘disability’ as a strong, healthy form of identity.

  • Our Values

    As an organisation in its infancy and the changes at the societal level, with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme but the cessation of a dedicated Disability Discrimination Commissioner, it seems as if we are at the crossroads in this phase of our civil rights movement.

    Sadly there is a looming divide based on pure economics, in the era where being "disabled" is a dichotomy between binge on welfare or being an objectified motif (symbol) of inspiration porn.


    We the disabled now have the vehicle to reclaim and remould the narrative of the "disability" identity, as articulated by Graeme Innes AM, chair, Attitude Foundation Limited.

    Community Relief Fund

    Our Services and Programs

    • What is Australian Disability?
      Australian Disability is a charitable organisation dedicated to fairness, dignity, and equality for people with disabilities to enable their full participation in our Australian society.
    • Who is the organisation run by?
      Australian Disability is run by a voluntary board primarily composed of people with disabilities. We believe in proportional represntation, that is why we aim to have a board which reflects the diversity of lived experience within the Australian Disability Community and also speaks to inclusion by incorporating the voices of carers, families and friends as well as those with prior experience in the not-for-profit or the purpose-focused sector.
    • Do you have difficulty accessing physical books due to your disability?
      Audio Book Library is a library of accessible and alternate format resources for people with vision impairment and motor skills issues that make accessing physical books that creates barriers to accessing information in an equitable way.
    • Do you have curiosity about other disabilities and want to learn more about them?
      Australian Disapedia is a disability encyclopedia that is publicly editable which aims to be a community resource to inform, educate and act as a community knowledge base of information, on disability history, culture, arts and media from the social model of disability.
    • Do you have trouble with accessing the built environment because of using a walker, wheelchair or mobility scooter?
      MapAble is an Australian-made online map powered by Google of wheelchair accessible locations measured and evaluated using local legislation and a user rating/comments system against access to premises standards in Australia and around the world.- web, mobile, Android Auto in power wheelchairs using a Bluetooth/Geo-location check-in system.
    • Would you like to join our new social group?
      Australian Disability exists to create a more equitable Australian society for people with disabilities through the production of online media and platforms to increase the visibility of issues facing the disability community. We are looking to form a social support group for people with disabilities. Meetings would be located in between the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney. *** You are not required to enter any information you do not wish to share. This form is to gather Expressions of Interests for prospective participants. If you are interested in participating please provide at least your name and the best method of contacting you. This information will not be shared with anyone outside the organisation. ***
    Membership Form

    Become a Member of Australian Disability Ltd:

    Australian Disability Media

    Our media division is all about providing opportunities for the fair & equal representation of people with disabilities.

    Australian Disability Care and Support

    Our care and support division aims to bring about Fairness, Dignity and Equality to all people with disabilities who seek it.

    Australian Disability Community Development

    Our community development division seeks to understand the factors which binds together the Australian Disability Community and seeks to strengthen those ties.

    Australian Disability Activism and Outreach

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    Membership Form
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